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1)Delay reducer (W3DR)

2)wc3proxy: for playing using VPN (usage) (Download link)

3)VPN connection tool: Hamachi...

Explanation of Hamachi:

Kung gusto nyong makipaglaro sa kaibigan nyo o kahit kaninong gusto nyong kalaro over the internet even though magkaiba ang ISP(internet Service Provider) nyo eh pwedeng pwede yan just download and install using those 3 tools.

Tested ko na yan: GLOBE AND PLDT playable with less lag and delay free game: 

Instructions on Playing with different ISPS:

1) download the 3 tools above

2) Install Hamachi, Put any name in hamachi.(Do this in both computers you and your friends pc.)

3) Create a network.

4) Join the network created by the host computer.

5) Try to ping each other or chat by right clicking on name of user in hamachi.

6) extract the zip or rar files such as wc3proxy and w3dr.

7) Run w3dr.exe in both pc, note: If using windows vista or 7 always run as administrator.

8)Start warcraft 3 in both PC. 

9) Create a game in host PC.

10) Run wc3proxy.exe in client PC then type the IP address shown in hamachi client, now you can see the game created by the host over the internet . Start the game and enjoy.... !!! for faster gaming type in game !dr 16 in both PCs.










SWITCHER for 1.24e

and 1.26a 


3 keys 

2 keys 



you dont neeed to press num pad...


numpad8 == 2

numpad7 == 1

numpad4 == q

just double click the application and enjoy playing DOTA...




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Titanium backup pro
part 1
part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Font installer:
battery port:
Patch 1 Recovery:
Upgraded Patch:
Final Patch:

Galaxy F2 Reloaded V2.5 by: Ace
By John Audwin D Conarco on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 8:49am

AA AA CC       C
AA  AA   C        C


GALAXY F2 Reloaded V2.5 By: ACE
*S4 Launcher
*S5 Lockscreen with widget support
*S4 UI
*S Memo
*My Files
*Sketch Up
*S4 Calculator
*Android 4.2 Camera with photosphere(Can camcord only 480P if 720P FC, added 720P camcorder/ stock camera)
*Android 4.2 Gallery with video trim/ photo editor and many more.
*Android 4.2 keyboard with gesture typing
*S4 fonts
*Samsung Ring tones
*Enhanced Audio Quality with extra loud features(Integrated Viper for android)
*S4 wall papers, removed Epic CM wall papers:D
*Photo wall integrated.
*Battery calibration.
*Modified By Me, Playstore with true license.
*Many built-in root Apps.(Please check settings for details.)
SPeedy boot:
*Boot phone faster than the old school android boot up process:D
*Removed nonsense system apps that makes boot time longer.
Gravity Box:
*Alt tab(VIa hold back button)
*Double tap back button to sleep
*Volume rocker unlock
*Task Manager Via Hold Menu Button
*1 click clear all recent apps
*Enhanced GPS
*Enhanced 3G/ 2G connection
*Better Wifi.conf
*Removed unwanted system files.
*Fixed permissions
*Increased battery life by 10%(changed battery.sh and battery stat.bin)
Odexed system apps then deodexed, for better system performance.
Removed some Gapps and useless system apps.
Add on Apps:
*Netquin antivirus
*Photoshop TOuch(As requested by someone on FB)
*IDM Pro(Android)
*Greenify Donate.
FUll Installation Instructions:
1)Backing Up appliactions using titatnium back up.
2)2)Downloading and extraction.
3)Installation of CWM Recovery and proper file allocation.
4)ROM Installation.
Lets start:)
1)Backing Up appliactions using titatnium back up.
A. Download titanium back up pro in the given link(If device is not rooted skip these steps)(http://adf.ly/kUxgp)
B. Install the application and run, if asked to grant root access, simply click grant/ ok.
C. Press menu in device and tap batch actions.
D. Tap RUN @ back up all user apps this will populate all user apps, check the important apps you want and tap check if done.
E. For messages, go back to batch actions and tap backup system apps.(check only the following, contacts storage, messages(SMS & MMS), Phone messaging Storage
and other stuff you want to restore)

2)Downloading and extraction.
A. Downloading at datafilehost:
1)wait for 5 seconds(ad fly) and click skip.
2)uncheck "Use our download manager and get recommended downloads"
Tip::)(To download faster, first, download IDM here: (http://mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.com/idman619build6.exe?v=lt&filename=idman619build6.exe)
B. Extraction
1)Download and install winrar here: (http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar51b2.exe)
2) Make sure all files are together and not renamed even a single letter.
3)Right click one of the four rar files and click extract.
4)Choose extraction destination (desktop for faster look up)
3)Installation of CWM Recovery and proper file allocation.(Skip to step 4 if you already have CWM)
1)Download CWM_TOUCH_LOTUS_II_unsigned.zip and place it to your SD cards root folder. here (http://adf.ly/kUyb8)
2)Reboot phone into recovery by:
a)Turn off phone
b)Power on phone while holding volume up button
c)Wait till red screen appears, unhold the buttons
2)Navigate using your volume and power buttons.
3)Choose turn signature verification on and press power button, then change it to off.
4)Navigate to back and select the install zip from sd card.
5)choose the file CWM_TOUCH_LOTUS_II_unsigned.zip and press power button.
6)Navigate to back and reboot device.
7)After rebooting device, plug it to your PC and copy the extracted folder "2014-04-" to SDCARD\clockworkmod\back up(Make sure that folder is 
properly placed)
4) ROM Installation.
1)Reboot your phone into recovery.
a)Turn off phone
b)Power on phone while holding volume up button
c)Wait till red screen appears, unhold the buttons.
2)Welcome to CWM recovery, First, back up your existing rom.
a)Navigate to back up and restore and choose back up( WARNING: You must have big amount of SDcard free space)
b)Back up successful will be prompted after back up process.
3)Navigate to back to return to main screen.
4)Navigate to wipe data/ factory reset and press power, there will be many nos so look for the single yes and press power button.
5)Navigate to wipe cache partition and choose yes if prompted.
6)Galaxy F2 Reloaded Installation.
a) Choose back up and restore.
b) Choose restore
c) Choose "2014-04-" and choose yes if prompted.
d) During the restore process, wait and never attempt to remove/ turn off device.
e) After restore complete, a restore complete message will appear, navigate back and choose reboot device now.
f) If phone stucks, simply remove the battery and turn on your phone again.
g) ENJOY!!!!!!!:D
*MD5 Missmatch?
*Never forget to reset factoy data, wipe cache partition.
*If problem still occurs, reboot phone to recovery, goto advanced, wipe dalvick cache
*If still occurs, open extracted folder, back up the file nandroid.md5, delete file nandroid.md5 and try to rerestore.
*stuck at CWM after choosing reboot?
*Remove battery and turn on device
*How to turn off Mappz/ 4.2 quick settings?
* Go to settings and navigate to quick settings, general uncheck the start on boot and reboot device)
*FC Galaxy locker?
*NVM, hehehe... it really doesnt happen, if it does, just lock phone again and it will work back;)
*Want to add security code/ lock?
*GOto settings, lockscreen settings, more, security lock, choose what you want.
*How to change lockscreen wall paper?
*Go to settings, lockscreen settings, personalization, lockscreen wall paper, custom, select your best photo.
*TOuchwiz FC/ malfunctioned?
*Never clear it in recent apps manager, if accidentaly cleared, goto settings, apps manager, all, touchwiz ui, force stop and press home.
For other inquiries just post comments:D, 
Explore Settings:D, ALl added apps are integrated in the Settings.apk
Index: Download links:

SystemUI Replacement with Battery ICON for all stock rom based roms.


Android Flashing Guide for S-Off Devices


To Flash a ROM for your Android device you first need to meet the following prerequisites:

  1. An Android smartphone that has a custom recovery [1] installed (Amon_RA, ClockworkMod, Etc.)
  2. A custom ROM that was developed or ported for your device.
  3. A MicroSD Card to hold the ROM file temporarily.

ROM Flashing

  1. Obtain a ROM of your choice, many can be found in your devices development forum on XDA Forums or a alternate android development site.
  2. Once you have downloaded the ROM File, mount your phones SD card and and copy over the .zip file.
  3. Power off the device and then boot up to recovery, it is different per device. If you are unsure how to boot up to your Android device's recovery menu then look it up in the forums or other tutorials on your device.
  4. In your phone's custom recovery bootloader, locate the menu options which allow you to wipe the phone. Whenever changing roms it is a good idea to make a Nandroid or BART backup first, then wipe Data/Factory and Dalvik-Cache before flashing the new rom.
  5. Once your phone has been wiped go back up to the root of the menu and select 'Flash Zip from SD Card' the text may be different per Recovery.
  6. Locate the ROM .Zip file you wish to flash.
  7. Confirm the flash by following the on-screen instructions (ie: pressing the trackball, pressing the call button, etc.)
  8. If no errors arise during the flashing process then the ROM flash was successful, Reboot the device.

RUU Flashing

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer, Most RUU's are .exe files which will only run in Microsoft Windows natively or in Linux/Mac OS X via Wine
  2. Download the RUU for your device, some can be found here at PCD Phones
  3. Run the RUU with your phone plugged in to your computer via its USB cable.
  4. Follow the RUU's instructions for flashing.
  5. Unless errors arise your device is now flashed.

App Installs/ROM Feature Installs via Flashing

Some Roms have added features that are available to flash.

  1. To Flash the App/Rom Feature you must first download the .zip file.
  2. Mount your devices SD card and copy the .zip file over.
  3. Boot up to your devices custom recovery.
  4. Wipe your Dalvik-Cache in the Wipe Menu. And then go back to the recovery's main menu.
  5. This step may vary per device, there should be an option that says "Flash .zip from SD Card", select it.
  6. Select the .zip file you wish to flash.
  7. Confirm flashing of .zip file.
  8. Wait for the file to flash; and if successful, reboot.

Android Flashing Guide (with fastboot)


To Flash a ROM for your Android device with fastboot you must have an unlocked bootloader or an engineering bootloader, these can be found across the internet. Supported devices are listed below:

  1. Android Dev Phone 1
  2. Google I/O Device
  3. Nexus One
  4. Nexus S

As of 2012 there is a documented (at http://unlockbootloader.sonymobile.com/instructions) option to unlock Sony/Sony Ericsson XPERIA devices

  1. Arc
  2. Arc S
  3. Active
  4. Ray

Unlocking your bootloader

The ADP1 and Google I/O Device do not require unlocking, however the new Nexus Devices do.

  1. Nexus One (cannot be relocked).
    1. fastboot oem unlock
    2. Accept/Decline warning on your devices screen.
  2. Nexus S (can be unlocked and relocked).
    1. fastboot oem unlock
    2. Accept/Decline warning on your devices screen.
    3. To relock the bootloader issue the following command:
    4. fastboot oem lock

ROM Flashing

  1. Obtain a ROM of your choice, and note the location on your computer.
  2. reboot your device into fastboot mode via one of the following options.
    1. adb reboot bootloader (requires USB debugging to be turned on).
    2. power off the device then back on with 'vol up' + power button.
  3. Wipe your device.
    1. fastboot -w
  4. Update your ROM.
    1. fastboot update </path/to/your/RomFile.zip>
  5. Your phone will update and automatically reboot into the new ROM.

ROM update without SDcard

If you don't have an sd card, or your slot is broken you can try this trick, but you will need a custom recovery like Clockwork.

  1. Boot up your phone to recovery. And move your rom file to the adb directory, and start a command line ( cmd )
  2. adb shell
  3. mount data
  4. Ctrl+C
  5. adb push D:\custom_rom.zip /data/
  6. Wait until the push finised, and restart your device to recovery again with "adb reboot-bootloader"
  7. mount data
  8. mount /data /sdcard ( mount the data folder into your sdcard folder, so your recovery will think that you have an sdcard installed )
  9. Locate the ROM .Zip file you wish to flash.
  10. Confirm the flash by following the on-screen instructions (ie: pressing the trackball, pressing the call button, etc.)
  11. If no errors arise during the flashing process then the ROM flash was successful, Reboot the device.
  12. With some root file explorer, remove the rom file if you don't need it anymore, to free up space.
  13. Or use adb to remove the custom recovery

adb shell rm data/custom_rom.zip


Universal Android AIO Flasher Tool Updated

Universal Android AIO Flasher Tool Updated

We first brought you news of the Android AIO Flasher Tool back when the project was just getting started. At its core, it automates ADB and Fastboot flashing by giving users a GUI to make it a little bit easier. However since then, it has taken on a lot of new features and is becoming an ever more powerful tool for any Android user.

Developed by XDA Senior Member fonehacker, the initial features of the tool were, basically, to flash things via ADB and Fastboot, but from a more user friendly interface. Now, fonehacker has updated the application to include a number of other potentially valuable features. The new feature list includes:

1.Complete Fastboot Flasher
2.ADB Flasher
3.Boot Animation Changer
4.Integrated ADB shell
5.Reboot menu
5.1 Remount System to r/w with a single click
6.APK Installer
7.Universal Device Unrooter
8.Splash Screen Image Maker (Converter)
9.Build.prop editor
10.ROM Dump
11.Full Backup/Restore:
12.Online NANDroid Backup (which is similar to another online Nandroid tool

Several of these features are still in testing, but are still implemented in the latest versions. Even though it came from a modest feature set, few out there would mind having a ROM dumping, build.prop editing tool that also performs Nandroid backups without rebooting the phone.

 Universal Android AIO Flasher Tool$

Updated [16/8/2012] to to v1.40 beta
NANDROID Backup added!
Screenshot taker added!
ROM Dump - Backup/restore added!
Build.prop maker added!
Splash Image Maker added!


Warning:This is for advanced users only,I take no responsibility of any damage done to your device using this tool.
I was tired of typing commands for flashing my android,So i made a GUI Application that does all the hassle of flashing etc. easily.
It will work with most Android phones [Rooted] out there.
Right now it has following features:

1.Complete Fastboot Flasher: It can Flash Boot,Recovery,System,Userdata,Radio Images and even Splash Images.
It can also Help in Restoring Nandroid backups(not tested)

2.ADB Flasher:For Cyanogenmod only. It can Flash Boot images,Recovery Image and Splash Image on a Live Running Android Device without rebooting phone

3.Boot Animation Changer: yes it can also change boot animation of Android,
Just choose any zip file of any name and it will flash it.
If it throws an error try "remount System" button

4.Integrated ADB shell: Just with a single click of a button,the Output console becomes ADB shell.

5.Reboot menu: Reboot straight to recovery mode or Fastboot (bootloader mode) or reboot normally with a single click.

5.1 Remount System to r/w with a single click

6.APK Installer. (testing phase).

7.Universal Device Unrooter: removes superuser and SU binary. 

8.Splash Screen Image Maker (Converter):Now you can make your own custom Splash Images and flash them straight away in a few clicks.
So many resolutions available.It automatically resizes and coverts the image files.

9.Build.prop editor: Now you can easily import build.prop file from your device or harddrive and edit it in inbuilt richtext editor and save it right on the device or your harddisk.

10.ROM Dump:Now you can dump ROM images easily with included 3 different methods (2 of them not tested)

11.Full Backup/Restore:now possible for ICS 4.0+ devices-easy backup and restore.

12.Online NANDroid Backup:Clockworkmod compatible Online Nandroid Backup-Works on all devices-No need to switch off the device.
ONandroid binary developed by "ameer1234567890"
Original link:http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1620255

13.Screenshot:now possible to take screenshots from PC (testing)-only for WVGA devices

While Flashing,there is no need to rename image files or copy pasting them here and there,Just browse to the desired file and flash it right away.Just that the path should'nt have spaces in its name.!

Connect your device in Fastboot mode (for fastboot flasher) or in Debugging mode (for ADB flasher and Boot animation changer) and start the program.
the features are pretty much self explanatory.
If you get stucked or error comes in,you should rectify the problem and restart the application to ensure optimal performance.
Fastboot and ADB drivers must be installed and properly working before using this program.

Other upcoming features are:
1.Build.prop editor -added in v1.00
2.Kernel flasher
3.Recovery tools
6.Suggest more...
7.God knows what more...


Latest version of universal AIO flasher 

Step by step procedure on flashing your android device.

 1)Using AIO Flasher.

2)Using recovery



1)Using AIO Flasher

A. Plugin your device and install all required driver files, drivers are usually on your internal memory named as PC drivers.zip(extract it and install manually)

B. Open Universal AIO Flasher

C.Turn off device, then open recovery by pressing volume up + power buttons

D. Clear cache and restory factory default.

E. Click reboot and click to AIO flasher the reboot to fastboot mode.

F. Your phone will stuck on boot logo but dont worry, you are just at fast boot mode.

G. Make sure that all adb drivers are properly installed, if not refer to users guide.

C. Check erase and click flashto which ever file will you flash





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